Abortion is Murder?

Abortion is murder. That phrase is batted around by wings of the Pro-Life movement. As with any movement with a defined goal, language and actions matter. One has to examine and reexamine the efficacy of words and actions when weighed against the goal. With the phrase “abortion is murder”, it seems to primarily effect three…

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Moments That Matter

Many things cross our paths each day. Most of the time we are too wrapped up in our own day to notice. However, every once in a while, the universe opens up and we see the truth of life…the marrow, if you will. Such was my day today. I was witness to the confusion and…

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A Danish Preacher and a Train

A few years ago I heard a story during a sermon that has stayed with me to this day. The idea was that there was a Danish preacher that saved many Jews during WWII. At one point a group of Jews were being loaded onto a train in cattle cars. They assumed that their final…

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Flowers Matter

For years my wife and I spent Valentine’s Day working. It is a holiday we choose not to celebrate. We believe, and I have my entire life, that it is a made up holiday to do nothing than other than sell flowers, candy and jewelry. It does nothing to deepen or further love…in my opinion….

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