Why I Write

By the time I was in high school I knew I wanted to write books. Even then there were a few authors whose stories had touched me deeply. I thought that, if I could tell a compelling story that communicated a deep truth, I could be a positive influence in the world.  Back then I…

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The Clinic Steps

The first abortion loss I experienced was over 30 years ago. The pathway from then to now, as far as recovery goes, has been well documented in this space…so I won’t go into that again.  But we talk about recovery as being a journey and not a destination. For that reason, I share the following. …

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Abortion Recovery From the Beginning

I was thinking over the weekend about something my dad used to say. He would tell me that it was important to pause once in a while and reflect on the journey, where you’ve come from and what happened along the way.  Well, I applied that sound advice to the journey I’m currently on with…

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The Forgotten Story

When I sat down to write “Almost Daddy: The Forgotten Story” a couple of years ago it wasn’t an idea that just came to me. It wasn’t born of anger or a deep wounding. And it wasn’t meant to diminish the thoughts, feelings or beliefs of anyone.  It was a story I had to tell…

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Pro-Life and Social Media

In January, at the behest of some internet people, I opened a Twitter account. It’s been interesting. The comments against hope and healing for post-abortive men have been similar to Instagram and Facebook but more so. More venom. More hate. More anger.  For me, a person whose second language is sarcasm, it has been an…

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