Why I Write

By the time I was in high school I knew I wanted to write books. Even then there were a few authors whose stories had touched me deeply. I thought that, if I could tell a compelling story that communicated a deep truth, I could be a positive influence in the world.  Back then I…

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The Clinic Steps

The first abortion loss I experienced was over 30 years ago. The pathway from then to now, as far as recovery goes, has been well documented in this space…so I won’t go into that again.  But we talk about recovery as being a journey and not a destination. For that reason, I share the following. …

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Abortion Recovery From the Beginning

I was thinking over the weekend about something my dad used to say. He would tell me that it was important to pause once in a while and reflect on the journey, where you’ve come from and what happened along the way.  Well, I applied that sound advice to the journey I’m currently on with…

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Abortion and the Authentic Man

Wow is there a lot to talk about here! I won’t even try to go down every path in a blog post but I do want to talk about men and abortion. Not post-abortion healing today. I want to instead focus on pre-abortion and men’s roles in an abortion decision that will ultimately end the…

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Unified Pro-Life

When I first experienced lost fatherhood to abortion I was 18. At that time (the late 80s) most Pro-Life groups I knew of were the kind that waved signs that said things like “baby killer” and “burn in hell”. Some of the signs even showed pictures of mangled fetuses.  The other interesting thing I remember…

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